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Serving the Bay Area Community of Professional Photographers since 1949

Providing Education, Certification, Image Critique and Competition, and Peer-to-Peer Networking

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The Professional Photographers of Santa Clara Valley (PPSCV) exists to educate, encourage, and support professional photographers of the Bay Area, in developing successful, sustainable and ethical businesses with excellent photographic work.

Membership is open to working photographers, and those who are retired, or aspiring. 

 Our Mission
Members benefit from high quality continuing education on photographic techniques, trends, and business practices through monthly meetings and hands-on workshops.


Meetings and social events encourage camaraderie through peer-to-peer networking, collaboration, mentorship, and community outreach, fostering engagement and improvement at every level.
Image Critique and Competition
Participation in image competitions with qualified judges raises photographic standards in creativity and quality for personal and client work.

Professional Certification
PPSCV is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of California, providing degrees, certifications and competition at a national and state level.

 Our Board Of Directors

Roberto Gonzalez


Tex Texin

Vice President


John  Ho


Robert Morris Headshot

Robert Morris

Board Member

Bharat Verma

Bharat Verma
Board Member

Alicia Piva

Board Member

Luis Castillo

Luis Pedro Castillo

Board Member

Jerry Wang

Jerry Wang

Board Member

Always looking for volunteers!

 Committee Chairs

Membership  By Laws  Image Competition
Gerard T Lum
 Armando Lay
 John Gayler

 Past Presidents

1949 Ralph DiTullio
1952 Mai Vaughn
1956 Angelo Butera
1957 Robert Laws Jr
1958 Porkey Calado
1959 Hand Roth
1960 Arnold Del Carlo
1961 Abe Leon
1962 Sal Polito
1963 Fred English
1964 Don Dulmage
Gene p. Smith
1966 Marc Hernandez
1967 Hal Smith
1968 John Barnes

1969 Ted Bowler
1970  Ben Driver
1971 Jim Davis
1972 Gene P Smith
1973 Marv White
1974 Walter Arrufat
1975 Mary Barnes
1976 Michael Parks
1977 Hal Smith
1978 James Gall III
1979 Bob Weaver
1980 Robert Hall
1981 Don Berryesa
1982 Brian Ramey
1983 Brian Ramey
1984 Sheldon Block
1985 Scott Brown
1986 Michael Garcia
1987 Michael Garcia
1988 Betty Huth

1989 Betty Huth
1990 Chris Johnson
1991 Diane Miller
1992 Michael Garcia
1993 Peg Jackson
1994 Betsy Thompson
1995 Betsy Thompson
1996 Jeri Arstingstall
1997 Jeri Arstingstall
1998 Kersti Malvre
1999 Kersti Malvre
2000 Jerry W Venz
2001 Jerry W Venz
2002 Scott Joines
2004 Scott Joines
2005 John Pratt
2006 John Pratt
2007 Alice Arevalo
2008 Francois Clement

2009 Francois Clement
2010 Marie Zigon
2011 Linda Krakow Eaman
2012 Linda Krakow Eaman
2013 Kim Messmer
2014 Kim Messmer
2015 Roberto Gonzalez
2016 Roberto Gonzalez
2017 Roberto Gonzalez
2018 Roberto Gonzalez
2019 Roberto Gonzalez
2020 Roberto Gonzalez
2021 Roberto Gonzalez
2022 Roberto Gonzalez
2023 Roberto Gonzalez
2024 Roberto Gonzalez